Country Egg, City Egg

Country Egg, City Egg

By Gayle Pirie; John Clark

Artisan, Hardcover, 9781579651510, 128pp.

Publication Date: April 1, 2000

There isn't a more delicious little book on eggs than this treasure by former chefs at the very popular and much-acclaimed Zuni Cafe in San Francisco. Gayle Pirie and John Clark spent eight years cooking, thinking about, and writing menus for eggs, and it is no wonder that these are inspired creations. From the most rustic country dishes--eggs baked in braised-mashed potatoes--to smooth and sleek city dishes--caviar and scrambled eggs--here are eggs around the clock, for every meal of the day, including dessert. Here too are the best hard-cooked eggs you'll ever make, the most seductively flavored omelets, tortas, and frittatas, and a dish so delicious yet so simple that the eggs get cracked right into the skillet. No need to mess up a single bowl

With a few eggs in the fridge, something great to eat is just a few seconds away. When it comes to comfort, simplicity, infinite versatility, downright goodness, and affordability--nothing beats eggs