She's Not the Man I Married

She's Not the Man I Married Cover

She's Not the Man I Married

My Life with a Transgender Husband

By Helen Boyd

Seal Press (CA), Paperback, 9781580051934, 311pp.

Publication Date: February 15, 2007

Helen Boyd's husband, who had long been open about being a cross-dresser, was considering living as a woman full time. Suddenly, Boyd was confronted with the reality of what it would mean if her husband were actually to become a woman socially, legally, and medically. Would Boyd love and desire her partner the same way?
Boyd's first book, "My Husband Betty, " explored the relationships of cross-dressing men and their partners. Now, "She's Not the Man I Married" is both a sequel and a more expansive examination of gender in relationships. It's for couples who are homosexual or heterosexual, and for readers who fall anywhere along the gender continuum.
As Boyd struggles to understand the nature of marriage, passion, and love, she shares her confusion and anger, providing a fascinating observation of the ways in which relationships are gendered, and how we cope, or don't, with the emotional and sexual pressures that gender roles can bring to our marriages and relationships.

About the Author
Helen Boyd is the author of My Husband Betty, which was a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award. Her blog, (en)gender, is a journal of gender and trans topics that is widely read by people interested in queer, trans, and gender issues and politics. She lives with her partner, Betty, in Brooklyn, NY.