Goodbye to All That

Goodbye to All That Cover

Goodbye to All That

Writers on Loving and Leaving New York

By Sari Botton (Editor)

Seal Press (CA), Paperback, 9781580054942, 269pp.

Publication Date: October 8, 2013

Winner of a Foreword IndieFab Book of the Year Award
In 1967, Joan Didion wrote an essay called "Goodbye to All That," a work of such candid and penetrating prose that it soon became the gold standard for personal essays. Like no other story before it, Didion's tale of loving and leaving New York captured the mesmerizing allure Manhattan has always had for writers, poets, and wandering spirits.
In this captivating collection, 28 writers take up Didion's literary legacy by sharing their own New York stories. Their essays often begin as love stories do, with the passion of something newly discoveredthe crush of subway crowds, the streets filled with manic energy, and the certainty that this is the only place on Earth where one can become exactly who she is meant to be.
They also share the grief that comes when the metropolis loses its magic and the pressures of New York's frenetic life wear thin on even the most fervent dwellers. As friends move away, rents soar, and lovestill remains just out of reach, each writer's goodbye to New York is singular and universal, like New York itself.
"With Cheryl Strayed, Dani Shapiro, Emma Straub, Ann Hood, and more.

About the Author
Sari Botton is the editor of the anthology "Never Can Say Goodbye" Writers on Loving and Leaving New York "and a writer whose work has appeared in "The New York Times", "New York Magazine", "The Sun", "The Village Voice", "Harper's Bazaar", "More", "Marie Claire", and other publications. She is the editorial director of the TMI Project (, a nonprofit organization that holds memoir and true storytelling workshops in jails, shelters, veterans' hospitals, cancer wards, schools, and other places where people don't usually get to tell their stories or be heard. Botton lives in upstate New York, where she still keeps a MetroCard in her wallet.