The Murals of John Pugh

The Murals of John Pugh

Beyond Trompe L'Oeil

By Kevin Bruce

Ten Speed Press, Hardcover, 9781580087223, 155pp.

Publication Date: August 1, 2006

John Pugh has created more than 200 murals and is considered to be the leading proponent, authority, and practitioner of Narrative Illusionism, a term coined to describe his particular mural style. This full-color collection showcases Pugh's most famous pieces, discusses how he revitalized the trompe l'oeil ("trick of the eye") genre into a vital mode of artistic expression, and illuminates the artist's creative process from sketch to finished mural.A full-color collection of master trompe l'oeil muralist John Pugh's art, alongside detailed analysis-from conception to unveiling-with an emphasis on how his work relates to and enhances its setting.Includes more than 40 full-color photos of the murals depicting architectural, natural, and pictorial settings.John Pugh's murals appear in more than 30 cities throughout the country, including San Francisco, Miami, Honolulu, and Anchorage.Pugh's work has been featured in publications worldwide, including Time magazine, Artweek, Art Business News, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and the San Francisco Examiner.

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