The Holy

The Holy Cover

The Holy

By Daniel Quinn

Zoland Books, Paperback, 9781581952148, 413pp.

Publication Date: January 3, 2006


They knew us before we began to walk upright. Shamans called them guardians, mythmakers called them tricksters, pagans called them gods, churchmen called them demons, folklorists called them shape-shifters. They've obligingly taken any role we've assigned them, and, while needing nothing from us, have accepted whatever we thought was their due - love, hate, fear, worship, condemnation, neglect, oblivion.
Even in modern times, when their existence is doubted or denied, they continue to extend invitations to those who would travel a different road, a road not found on any of our cultural maps. But now, perceiving us as a threat to life itself, they issue their invitations with a dark purpose of their own. In this dazzling metaphysical thriller, four who put themselves in the hands of these all-but-forgotten Others venture across a sinister American landscape hidden from normal view, finding their way to interlocking destinies of death, terror, transcendental rapture, and shattering enlightenment.

About the Author
Daniel Quinn is the author of "Ishmael, The Story of B, My Ishmael, " and "Tales of Adam." He lives with his wife, Rennie, in Houston, Texas.

Praise For The Holy

“Quinn presents an electrifying, provocative, and dryly amusing thriller with cosmic dimensions.” — Booklist

“The Holy should keep readers turning its pages long into the night, searching for answers.”—Rocky Mountain News