A Scandalous Freedom

A Scandalous Freedom Cover

A Scandalous Freedom

By Steve Brown; Stephen W. Brown

Howard Books, Paperback, 9781582293929, 272pp.

Publication Date: June 1, 2004

Christians do not trust freedom. As author Steve Brown explains in this brave new book, they prefer the security of rules and self-imposed boundaries, which they tend to inflict on other Christians. Brown asserts that real freedom means the freedom to be wrong as well as right. Christianity often calls us to live beyond the boundaries, bolstered by the assurance that we cannot fall beyond God's love. Freedom is dangerous, but the alternative is worse -- boxing ourselves up where we cannot celebrate our unique gifts and express our joy in Christ. Each of the book's eleven chapters explores a common pharisaic, freedom-stifling tendency, then opens the door to the fresh air of a remedial liberty. A reader's delight, "A Scandalous Freedom" sometimes shocks with challenges to prevailing wisdom, but it follows up with compelling validations of our need to celebrate real, unstinted freedom in Christ.

About the Author
Steve Brown is the author of numerous books, a Bible teacher on the daily radio program Key Life, founder and president of KeyLife Network, an international conference speaker, and professor of communications and practical theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida.

Tempe, AZ; Edward M. Carson Chair, Professor of Marketing Emeritus and Distinguished Faculty; Center for Services Leadership at Arizona State University--W. P. Carey School of Business