The Innocents:

The Innocents: Cover

The Innocents:

By Tatamkhulu Afrika

Seven Stories Press, Paperback, 9781583227220, 191pp.

Publication Date: July 1, 2006


Inspired by the author’s years as an activist in Apartheid-era Cape Town, The Innocents is a gripping account of how, in the myriad political battles of our recent past, an even greater number of private wars were lost or won.
Yusuf and three of his friends attempt to prove themselves worthy of the People’s Army by committing acts of sabotage against Cape Town’s wealthy citizens. Thandi, the bewitching niece of the People’s Army leader, accompanies them as an accomplice, and to report back on their achievements. As Yusuf struggles to reconcile his strong religious beliefs that condemn the murder of innocents and his group’s increasingly extreme political strategies, they are all drawn into a vortex of fear, heroism, disaster, and betrayal of lost innocence.

About the Author
TATAMKHULU AFRIKA was born in Egypt in 1920 of an Arab father and a Turkish mother. He was brought to South Africa in 1923, orphaned and raised by Christian foster parents. He served in World War II in the North African Campaign, and was a POW for three years in Italy and Germany. At the age of seventeen he published a novel in Great Britain entitled "Broken Earth", but did not write again for fifty years. "Bitter Eden" was first published when he was eighty years old. He died in December 2002.