Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns

More Quotations from the Back Pages of the Sun

By Sy Safransky (Editor); Tim McKee (Editor); Andrew Snee (Editor)

North Atlantic Books, Paperback, 9781583942468, 260pp.

Publication Date: May 3, 2011


Spanning regions, eras, religions, and philosophies, Paper Lanterns is a thoughtful collection of quotations that have appeared in The Sun magazine, which boasts a loyal readership of 70,000 people. With quotes by writers, artists, mystics, humorists, philosophers, and others, the book takes readers on a journey through innocence and experience, love and loss, disillusionment and awakening, by turns delighting readers and giving reassurance to those experiencing tough times.
Divided into sixteen chapters, the book is organized by themes that include romantic love, family, education, travel, creativity, life challenges, compassion, social justice, nature, spirituality, and death. Unlike many books in this genre, Paper Lanterns avoids well-worn quotes, and the contributors are an eclectic group: from Hafiz to Emma Goldman; from John Lennon to the Buddha. Offering wisdom in a nutshell, Paper Lanterns respects the glory and the heartache of being human.

About the Author
For nearly 30 years Sy Safransky has made the darkness conscious in his unique and powerful publication < i> The Sun.< /i>

McKee has a master's degree in journalism from the University of Missouri. He lived in South Africa for 5 years, teaching history and English at a multi-racial high school in Johannesburg.