Home from the Honeymoon

Home from the Honeymoon Cover

Home from the Honeymoon

The Newlyweds' Guide to the Celebrations and Challenges of the First Year of Marriage

By Sharon Naylor

Stewart, Tabori, & Chang, Paperback, 9781584797609, 250pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 2009


The honeymoon’s over. Now what? Couples who spend monthseven yearsplanning their weddings are often unprepared for the transition to married life. As Sharon Naylor shows, however, the first year of marriage doesn’t have to be a gauntlet of conflict and unmet expectations. As Naylor explains in Home from the Honeymoon, newlyweds can choose to focus on all the romantic firsts they’re enjoying together: setting up their household, celebrating holidays, and savoring their new social life as a married couple. And they can surviveand learn lifelong lessons fromthe inevitable battles over matters large (sex, money, meddlesome in-laws) and small (clutter, weekend plans, what color to paint the living room). Because the book is also a journalwith lots of space for jotting down milestones and memoriesit will be a keepsake that married couples will relish revisiting throughout all their years together.

About the Author
Sharon Naylor is the author of more than thirty wedding-planning books. She is the wedding Q&A specialist at iVillage Weddings and PashWeddings.com and a contributing editor for "Southern Bride". She has been featured in "InStyle Weddings", "Bride & Groom", and "Vows".