The Drinking Water Book

The Drinking Water Book

How to Eliminate Harmful Toxins from Your Water

By Colin Ingram

Celestial Arts, Paperback, 9781587612572, 185pp.

Publication Date: June 2006


THE DRINKING WATER BOOK takes a level-headed look at the serious issues surrounding America's drinking water supply. Unlike water purifier manufacturers and public health officials, Ingram presents unbiased reporting on what's in your water and how to drink safely. Featuring all the latest scientific research, the book evaluates the different kinds of filters and bottled waters and rates specific products on the market.Ä¢ The completely revised comprehensive guide to making tap and bottled water safer, covering the toxins in our water, how to test for them, and how to get rid of them.Ä¢ Honestly and thoroughly tackles a subject vital to ongoing environmental, health, and safety concerns.Ä¢ Shows how to avoid bogus safety tests, scams, and unnecessary expenditures.Ä¢ Details which toxins aren't regulated by federal and state water standards.

About the Author
Ingram has been a professional writer/editor for 45+ years. Over this time he has authored/co-authored 30+ books and edited/contributed to an additional 200. The topics have ranged from science and technology to spirituality, self-development, business/finance, biography, nutrition, history, health/fitness, and traditional and holistic medicine. He has been a meditation teacher, past Director of the American Meditation Society and university lecturer on the psycho-biology of consciousness.