Cowboys, Armageddon, and the Truth

Cowboys, Armageddon, and the Truth Cover

Cowboys, Armageddon, and the Truth

How a Gay Child Was Saved from Religion.

By Scott M. Terry

Lethe Press, Paperback, 9781590213667, 290pp.

Publication Date: October 13, 2012

Cowboys, Armageddon, and The Truth: How a Gay Child Was Saved from Religion offers an illuminating glimpse into a child's sequestered world of abuse, homophobia, and religious extremism. Scott Terry's memoir is a compelling, poignant and occasionally humorous look into the Jehovah's Witness faith-a religion that refers to itself as The Truth-and a brave account of Terry's successful escape from a troubled past. At the age of ten, Terry had embraced the Witnesses' prediction that the world will come to an end in 1975 and was preparing for Armageddon. As an adolescent, he prayed for God to strip away his growing attraction to other young men. But by adulthood, Terry found himself no longer believing in the promised apocalypse. Through a series of adventures and misadventures, he left the Witness religion behind and became a cowboy, riding bulls in the rodeo. He overcame the hurdles of parental abuse, religious extremism, and homophobia and learned that Truth is a concept of honesty rather than false righteousness, a means to live a life openly, for Terry as a gay man.

Praise For Cowboys, Armageddon, and the Truth
"Overall, the book displays a liberating understanding that 'things that aren't normal can sometimes become normal when you don’t know any different.' Most powerfully, it serves as a heartfelt thank you to those who allowed a “worldly homosexual apostate” to find his own 'small-t' truth." -- Kirkus Reviews

A lively, affectionate autobiography with messages of inspiration and acceptance.