The Book of Mystical Chapters

The Book of Mystical Chapters Cover

The Book of Mystical Chapters

Meditations on the Soul's Ascent, from the Desert Fathers and Other Early Christian Contemplatives

By John Anthony McGuckin

Shambhala, Paperback, 9781590300077, 224pp.

Publication Date: July 8, 2003

The early Christian monks of Egypt, Syria, and Palestine were the spiritual heroes of their age--fleeing the security of civilization for the desert, where they sought God in lives of prayer, contemplation, and radical simplicity. This book is a portable collection of their teachings, and those of their contemplative contemporaries, ranging from the fourth through the eleventh centuries. It is arranged to the traditional model of three ascending "books" "Praktikos" (practice), "Theoretikos" (theory), and "Gnosis" (knowledge). Each book consists of 100 "sentences"--aphorisms or thoughts. Each sentence is intended to be read and meditated upon for an entire day--just as the monks themselves might have done as they went about their work.

About the Author
John Anthony McGuckin is a Professor of Early Church History at Union Theological Seminary in New York City and a priest of the Orthodox Church. Born in Newcastle, England, he is a fellow of the Royal Historical Society and the author of nine books, including "Standing in God's Holy Fire: The Byzantine Tradition " and "At the Lighting of the Lamps: Hymns of the Ancient Church. "

Praise For The Book of Mystical Chapters

"A rare and well-conceived foray into Christian mysticism." —Publishers Weekly

"McGuckin has lit on the brilliant idea of rescuing the Desert Fathers' and Mothers' sayings in simple free-verse form, which emphasizes the compression and power of their wisdom. This book will make a welcome addition to the renewed interest in early Christian ascetics." —Library Journal

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