The Power of Crying Out

The Power of Crying Out Cover

The Power of Crying Out

When Prayer Becomes Mighty

By Bill Gothard

Multnomah Books, Hardcover, 9781590520376, 96pp.

Publication Date: July 18, 2002

When members of the early church cried out to God in urgent need, the place shook with the power of their supplication. In this compelling vision for modern-day supplication, Bill Gothard recognizes the key truth that only God's almighty power can rescue His children in times of distress. Using illustrations from Scripture and testimonies from everyday people, Gothard demonstrates the power of crying out -- and how God can shake the world of those who cry out to Him today.
He wants your heart "and" your voice
God doesn t miss a single sigh that escapes our lips. But historically, God's people most often cried out in spoken words that sprang from the depths of their being
God "heard" their petitions and shook their worlds.
Like fasting or kneeling, "crying out" is the Scripture-sanctioned way to pray with intensity and commitment, says Bill Gothard. His compelling teaching will revolutionize the way you pray "for all time

About the Author
For over fifty years, Bill Gothard, founder of the Institute in Basic Life Principles, has dedicated his life to training young people to be mighty in spirit, mature in character, and wise in decision-making. Today, the Institute works with the leaders of fifteen nations and has many different divisions designed to strengthen youth and families. Gothard lives in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois.