The Best Question Ever DVD

The Best Question Ever DVD Cover

The Best Question Ever DVD

A Revolutionary Way to Make Decisions

By Andy Stanley

Multnomah Books, DVD-Video, 9781590524633

Publication Date: December 22, 2004

Can a Simple Question Foolproof Your Life?
When it comes to sorting out the complexities of life, only wisdom can reveal the best path. Let's face it we ve all made some pretty dumb decisions in our lives. For most of us, there are chapters in the past we would like to rewrite. There's money we wish we had never spent, relationships we wish we had never started, and perhaps a few invitations we wish we had never accepted. Unfortunately, we can t do anything to reverse the bad decisions of the past. But there is certainly no reason to repeat them either. This six-part DVD and study guide focuses our attention on one crucial question that has the power to goof-proof our decision making from this point forward.
Prepare Yourself.
You are about to be introduced to a "question" that will revolutionize the way you make decisions.
Speaker and author Andy Stanley poses this question to give you a filter through which to evaluate "every" decision in "every" arena of your life. Designed for small group or personal study, "The Best Question Ever" DVD is a six-part series that includes the following messages:
1. The Best Question Ever 4. Time Bandits
2. Musical Chairs 5. A Little Help from Our Friends
3. Living on the Edge 6. The Best Decision Ever
In addition to containing the original series messages, this DVD is enhanced with curriculum study sessions. Each session includes twelve to fifteen minutes of teaching followed by several discussion questions. The DVD is further enhanced when combined with "The Best Question Ever" "Study Guide."

Story Behind the Book
In an effort to help people broken by bad decisions, Andy Stanley created a series first called "Fool Proof." While searching the Bible for answers, he discovered the Best Question Ever. Now, after several years of teaching this principle to his church and through the extended home ministries of North Point Community Church, the DVD and study guide material are releasing to a national audience through North Point's relationship with Multnomah.

About the Author

Andy Stanley is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and the founding pastor of North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia, with a youthful congregation of more than 16,000 on three campuses. Andy is the author of the 1998 ForeWord Book of the Year finalist Visioneering , the bestsellers Like a Rock and The Next Generation Leader, and the recent How Good Is Good Enough? Andy and his wife, Sandra, have two sons and a daughter.