The New Normal

The New Normal

Living a Fear-Free Life in a Fear-Driven World

By Jill Briscoe

Multnomah Books, Hardcover, 9781590524732, 88pp.

Publication Date: September 6, 2005

Twin Towers Down, New Hope on the Rise
When the Twin Towers fell, a whole new world of fear and doubt emerged. Where is God in all of this? we ask. To be constantly on guard against terrorist attacks, not to mention crises that hit us on a personal level, is exhausting. But in the midst of this new normal world of fear, one thing remains the same: God still reigns. While we may be tempted to turn to food, shopping, busyness, even family, God is the only answer we can count on. He is our source for peace, comfort, and confidence in the midst of chaos. Jill Briscoe encourages the hurting and weary to run unencumbered into the arms of God. And this all-encompassing peace that may seem so elusive right now will become yours to stay.
Escape Fear
Expand Faith
Embrace the Future
Where is God in the midst of our world's catastrophic events? Where is God in the midst of our deepest pain?
We may think we re getting along with God, until a 9/11 happens. Global or personal, tragedy wreaks havoc on our souls. How are you supposed to trust the One letting it all happen?
"The New Normal" won t give you pat answers. But it will guide you to a place of security in the face of inexplicable calamity. By being honest about your anxieties, willing to respond to God's instruction, and ready to take a leap of faith, you ll find a new, hope-filled future waiting for you. It's the new normal you ve been longing for.
Story Behind the Book
I was in the air on September 11, 2001 . More than anything for me, the event served as a wake up call to evangelism, says Briscoe. I realized the time is short and the days are evil the Lord is coming soon So let's seize the day Based on a sermon she gave at Elmbrook Church soon after that day etched itself in history, The New Normal speaks to an America in shock, but with a message that is even more pertinent today.

About the Author
After serving at Elmbrook Church in Wisconsin, Jill Briscoe, and her husband Stuart now serve as Ministers-at-Large. Jill has coauthored countless articles and more than 40 books, including devotionals, ministry guides, Bible studies, gift books, and children s books. She is the executive editor of Just Between Us, a magazine for women and wives in ministry. She advises numerous non-profit organizations and serves on the boards for World Relief and Christianity Today. Her web site is