Watch This

Watch This Cover

Watch This

A Getting-There Guide to Manhood for Teen Guys

By Jeffrey Dean

Multnomah Books, Paperback, 9781590529843, 212pp.

Publication Date: September 18, 2007

Heard you were looking for cheat codes & walk throughs for getting it right. (Here ya go.)
Okay, so it's "possible" you re the first human being ever created just so you can muddle through life, add up to nothing, or crash and burn.
But probably not.
Probably in fact, definitely you re here for a very big, very good reason. And God wants you to live it "huge."
That's the motivating message of "Watch This, " Jeffrey Dean's new book for teen guys." "Jeffrey has spoken and listened to thousands of students just like you. He understands the pressures and fears you face. And now he's written a book that offers practical getting there advice for teens who want to experience everything God intends for their future. First, he helps you figure out who you are. Then he shows you from the Bible how to get where you want to go.
Oh, and not just get there. But have fun, bring glory to God. Because you re not here for nothing. You re here for something spectacular
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About the Author
Jeffrey Dean is an international communicator, counselor, and author. He is the founder and president of Jeffrey Dean Ministries, an organization determined to reach the churched and unchurched with the message of God's love. He has spoken to more than 2 million people at churches, conferences, prisons, and public schools. When he's not inspiring today's teens, Jeffrey Dean can be found living a full life in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife, Amy, their two daughters, Bailey and Brynnan, and the family's canine friend, Codie.

Praise For Watch This

“Jeffrey Dean has done a great job of identifying the things that matter most in life and conveying a message of hope for teans. His words are timeless and strong. You’ll love what you read.”
- Daniel S. Wolgemuth, President/CEO, Youth for Christ

“Jeffrey Dean has a way of zeroing in of today’s youth culture. He knows teens and how to communicate the love of Jesus to them.” - Josh McDowell