Lions, Tigers, and Bears

Lions, Tigers, and Bears

Why Are Big Predators So Rare?

By Ron Hirschi; Thomas D. Mangelsen (Photographer)

Boyds Mills Press, Hardcover, 9781590784358, 40pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 2007

Arealistic and hopeful look at earth's great predators, and the challenges they face. Large, fierce, and often dangerous predators might seem the best survivors, so why are they among the most threatened by human activity? They have superior strenght, great speed, and high levels of intelligence. If they are so well equipped, why are the among the rarest of animals? To answer these questions, Ron Hirschi and Thomas Mangelsen introduce young readers to some of the earth's most spectacular predators: cougar, polar bear, lion, cheetah, tiger, grizzly bear, and killer whale.With lively and informative text, accompanied by breathtaking photographs, Lions, Tigers, and Bears examines the animals in the past and present, and speculates on their future.