Succeed in Real Estate Without Cold Calling

Succeed in Real Estate Without Cold Calling Cover

Succeed in Real Estate Without Cold Calling

Throw Out the Six Myths of Real Estate, and Discover the Six New Ideas.

By Phil Gerisilo; Rob LeBow

Select Books (NY), Compact Disc, 9781590791066

Publication Date: January 1, 2010

Succeed in Real Estate without Cold Calling is a gold mine of information from a seasoned professional's experience. In this book Phil Gerisilo will completely reveal the method and philosophy behind his repeated successes in the real estate market. But be forewarned, Phil is going show you some revolutionary new approaches and shatter some old myths along the way.In the spirit of A Journey into the Heroic Environment, (co-author Rob Lebow's wildly successful title that is revolutionizing business management) Succeed in Real Estate imparts its wisdom within the context of a very readable storyline: A chance encounter between two traveling strangers. What happens next will open your eyes to why the conventional wisdom behind real estate practice is not for the wise.