The Five Levels of Pleasure

The Five Levels of Pleasure Cover

The Five Levels of Pleasure

Enlightened Decision Making for Success in Life

By Noah Weinberg

Select Books (NY), Paperback, 9781590791233, 157pp.

Publication Date: August 1, 2008

How many people honestly say that they are completely satisfied with what life has to offer? Not many. That's because most people are fixated on physical, material pleasure. Material pleasures are wonderful, but they don't create happiness. Someone can have a hundred million dollars, all of the toys and luxuries known to humankind, a beautiful and intelligent mate, and still be miserable. So what is the way out of that misery? Higher pleasures; the pleasures people never tire of, including love, conviction, creativity and ultimate meaning.In The Five Levels of Pleasure, internationally acclaimed educator Noah Weinberg take readers on a journey of self-examination, enlightenment, and empowerment, showing how to recognize and even become a connoisseur of each higher pleasure in order to profoundly change and shape their lives for maximum satisfaction. Combining timeless truths in the context of pop culture and contemporary challenges, Weinberg brings readers to the point where they can truly say Life is giving me everything I want and more.