The Power of the Middle Ground

The Power of the Middle Ground Cover

The Power of the Middle Ground

A Couple's Guide to Renewing Your Relationship

By Marty Babits

Prometheus Books, Paperback, 9781591026624, 263pp.

Publication Date: December 1, 2008


The Power of the Middle Ground explains–as no other self-help book does–why and how the inherent difficulties entailed in the change process itself are daunting. Author Marty Babits, a seasoned couples therapist and educator, explains strategies and provides tips for grappling successfully with the challenges that change presents. This key aspect of working through relationship difficulties has, until now, been given short shrift in the popular and academic literature. Despite the central place of divorce in our culture, he teaches couples how to achieve a much greater impact in solving difficult interpersonal problems than is often thought possible.
Babits helps couples envision a place that brings their potential for love and compassion alive. This place, which neither partner can dominate and in which each learns to approach problems productively, he calls the "middle ground." Through a series of exercises, he equips couples to appreciate and actualize what is positive and possible in their relationship.
This encouraging, yet realistic book empowers partners to negotiate differences, emphasize the positive, see issues from each other’s point of view, defuse anger, and, as a result, rekindle warmth and love.

About the Author
Marty Babits is the Co-Director of FACTS (Family and Couples Treatment Service), a division of the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, one of the oldest and most respected training and treatment resources in Manhattan, chartered by the NYS Board of Regents. He teaches and supervises at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy and at Hunter School of Social Work and in the Hunter Graduate Program in Mental Health Counseling. As a therapist, he has worked with hundreds of families and couples over the past twenty-five years. His first book, "The Power of the Middle Ground: A Couples Guide to Renewing Your Relationship" (Prometheus, 2009) was well-reviewed, including a recommendation from "Library Journal". He has also published numerous articles in professional journals and writes "Middle Ground," a blog on the "Psychology Today" website. Babits is in private practice in New York City.