The Biology of Belief

The Biology of Belief Cover

The Biology of Belief

Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles

By Bruce H. Lipton

Sounds True, Compact Disc, 9781591795230

Publication Date: November 1, 2006


The next great advance in biology will change more than science textbooks it will revolutionize the way you live your life.

In the past, we've been taught that living beings are like machines run by biochemicals and DNA, explains Dr. Bruce H. Lipton. What we now know is that our entire biology is shaped by the intelligence of each of our 50 trillion cells. And the single most important way to influence them is through the energy of our beliefs.

On "The Biology of Belief" an original author adaptation of Dr. Lipton's revolutionary book this world-renowned cellular biologist explores the mysteries of:

Course objectives: Summarize the history of biological theory and how genetic determination became a dominant theoryDiscuss Lipton's focus on the cell and how its functions relate to the human body as a wholeDescribe the functions and location of genes and proteins and the relationship between themIdentify the differences between the conscious and subconscious minds and how they function togetherExplain how environmental stimuli influence our current immune and thinking states, and shape the contents of our brainThe science of epigenetics why biologists must look further than DNA to find out what shapes life and how that affects youBridging the gap between quantum mechanics and biology the key to knowing how your cells listen to the energy of your thoughtsThe chemistry of stress and love how your body, mind, and immune system change with each emotional stateTurning the immense power of your subconscious mind into your most valuable tool for health and well-being, and much more

Since the publication of " The Biology of Belief," Dr. Bruce H. Lipton has been widely embraced as one of the most accessible and knowledgeable voices of new biology. Now, join this pioneer of epigenetics as he takes you on a journey into the world under the microscope, through the ages of evolution, and into the miracle that is your own life.

About the Author
Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. of San Francisco, is an internationally recognized cellular biologist whose breakthrough research on the cell membrane in 1977 made him a pioneer in the new science of epigenetics. He is author of The Biology of Belief (Mountain of Love, 2005).