The Dollar Meltdown

The Dollar Meltdown Cover

The Dollar Meltdown

Surviving the Impending Currency Crisis with Gold, Oil, andOther Unconventional Investments

By Charles Goyette

Portfolio Hardcover, Hardcover, 9781591842842, 256pp.

Publication Date: October 29, 2009

"America's debt is a powder keg about to blow, and the fuse was lit by the rush of bailouts and stimulus spending."
Is your money inflation-proof? It had better be. On the heels of the most recent economic crisis, America is headed toward another: high inflation and dollar devaluation.
Charles Goyette reveals the governmental errors that led to the current economic crisis and the bumpy road ahead. The signs are clear: Federal debt is compounding while growth has stalled, and America's foreign creditors are questioning the dollar's reserve currency status. Meanwhile, the "hidden" federal debt, much larger than the official debt, makes things even worse.
So what can you do to safeguard your assets when the dollar heads south? This book is the essential guide for protecting yourself--and even profiting--in this time of financial turbulence. In clear detail, Goyette explains the alternative investments--from gold and silver to oil and agriculture-- that will remain strong in the face of mounting inflation. "The Dollar Meltdown" gives you the tools to maintain the value of your savings and captilize on the coming opportunities.
Don't get left holding the bag after decades of government irresponsibility. "The Dollar Meltdown" shows you how to take the safety of your finances into your own hands.