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Freedom Is Blogging in Your Underwear

Freedom Is Blogging in Your Underwear Cover

Freedom Is Blogging in Your Underwear

By Hugh MacLeod

Portfolio, Hardcover, 9781591844853, 117pp.

Publication Date: April 26, 2012

This is a book about freedom. Specifically the personal freedom I discovered from the wonderful world of blogging, the freedom I hope everybody will eventually discover for themselves. The freedom that, I believe, will permanently and irrevocably change the world for the better.

Having a blog, a voice, having my own media, utterly changed my life. Suddenly my career as a cartoonist wasn t dependent on other people: The Gatekeepers publishers, editors, Hollywood executives, etc., etc. Suddenly I had direct contact with my audience. They had direct contact with me. I could just do my thing, without having to wait for somebody else to give me the green light. I didn t have to wait around for somebody else to deem me worthy.

This was the freedom I spent most of my adult life searching for, the same freedom I believe we re ALL searching for, in one way or another. Careerwise, blogging gave me everything. Even in the early days, the benefits of blogging were so glaringly obvious to me, I couldn t understand why more people weren t doing it. Ten years later, I still can t. So I decided to write a book about it; maybe I can help other people find this freedom, too.


About the Author
Hugh MacLeod is the cartoonist and acclaimed blogger behind and the bestselling author of Ignore Everybody and Evil Plans. After a decade working as an advertising copywriter, he started to publish his cartoons drawn on the back of business cards online, which eventually he turned into a full-time job. He is known for both his art and for his thoughts on marketing and has become a popular speaker."

Praise For Freedom Is Blogging in Your Underwear

“Hugh Macleod blah blah blah genius blah blah artist blah blah read this now!”
—–Seth Godin, author of WE ARE ALL WEIRD

“This book is a benevolent kick in the pants. Hugh loves you, so he won’t sit idly by while you drown your muse. Freedom is a gift. Open it. Go romp in the creative grass. And then write Hugh a long, tender thank-you note.”
—–Sunni Brown, leader of the Doodle Revolution and author of GAMESTORMING

“Hugh is once again dead-on right—–about blogging, publishing, thinking, and underwear. Nobody figures it all out and says it better with a few wonderfully terrifying pictures than Hugh. And I know: after all, I’ve written and drawn entire books in my PJs! (Shhh, don’t tell my publisher!)”

“The Web ninja-guru-maven faction has saturated our lives with books purporting to teach us how to succeed online. This irreverent book from Hugh MacLeod, filled with his trademark cartoons, will knock them off the shelf—for good.”
—–A. V. Flox, editor for