Atmospherics Cover


By Warren Ellis; Ken Meyer (Artist)

Avatar Press, Paperback, 9781592911455, 48pp.

Publication Date: February 7, 2012

For the first time, comics legend Warren Ellis and painter Ken Meyer unleash the terrifying alien tale of Atmospherics in full color She's in a hospital or it may be a police station. She's been traumatized or possibly she's being held for questioning. She's either the only living witness of a cattle-mutilation style attack on humans, or a multiple killer whose psychotic reaction to heroin led to massacre. Who is this mystery woman? And will her interrogators survive the discovery of her true identity?

About the Author
Warren Ellis is the award-winning British author of comic books, novels, and television, most often recognized for his sociocultural commentary and ground-breaking work in the genre of science fiction. He maintains a consistent online presence which includes the weekly delivery of the "Freakangels" web comic to millions of fans. Ellis has published more than 25 different creator-owned projects through Avatar Press (including "Black Summer," "Ignition City," and "Gravel," the last of which is in development as a film through Legendary Pictures), with many more planned.