Blue Blood

Blue Blood

By Edward Conlon

Riverhead Books, Paperback, 9781594480737, 576pp.

Publication Date: April 1, 2005

"A great book... with the testimonial force equal to that of Michael Herr's "Dispatches."" "Time"
Edward Conlon's "Blue Blood" is an ambitious and extraordinary work of nonfiction about what it means to protect, to serve, and to defend among the ranks of New York's finest.Told by afourth generation NYPD, this isan anecdotal history of New York asexperiencedthrough its police force, and depicts a portrait of the teeming street life of the city in all its horror and splendor. It is a story about police politics, fathers and sons, partners who become brothers, old ghosts and undying legacies. Conlon joined the NYPD during the Giuliani administration, when New York City saw its crime rate plummet but also witnessed events that would alter the city, its inhabitants, and its police force forever: polarizing racial cases, the proliferation of the drug trade, and the events of September 11, 2001, and its aftermath. Conlon captures the detail of the landscape, the ironies and rhythms of natural speech, the tragic and the marvelous, firsthand, day after day. A "New York Times" Notable Book and Finalist for The National Book Criticics Circle Award for Nonfiction.

About the Author
Edward Conlon is a NYPD detective. He is a graduate of Harvard and has written for "The New Yorker,"