The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches

The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches Cover

The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches

Recipes, History, and Trivia for Everything Between Sliced Bread

By Susan Russo; Matt Armendariz (Photographer)

Quirk Books, Paperback, 9781594744389, 320pp.

Publication Date: April 5, 2011

How do you keep a Dagwood from toppling over? What makes a Po Boy so crispy and crunchy? And who was the genius that invented the Fluffernutter? Discover these answers and more in "The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches" a chunky little cookbook dedicated to everything between sliced bread.
Author Susan Russo has searched the globe to catalog every sandwich imaginable, providing tried-and-true recipes, tips and tricks, and fascinating regional and historical trivia about the best snack of all time. Quick how-to instructions will ensure that every Panini is toasted to buttery perfection, every Sloppy Joe is deliciously sloppy, and every Dagwood is stacked to perfection "The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches" is essential reading for sandwich connoisseurs everywhere.