Thomas Jefferson's Creme Brulee

Thomas Jefferson's Creme Brulee

How a Founding Father and His Slave James Hemings Introduced French Cuisine to America

By Thomas J. Craughwell

Quirk Books, Hardcover, 9781594745782, 233pp.

Publication Date: September 18, 2012

About the Author
Thomas J. Craughwell is an author and problem solver. He traced the evolution of Manhattan urban legends ("Alligators in the Sewer"); sorted out fact from fiction in old wives tales ("Do Blue Bedsheets Bring Babies?"); identified the patron saints of bloggers, vegetarians and hangovers ("This Saint Will Change Your Life"); and resurrected a long-forgotten story from 1876, when a gang of hapless Irish immigrant counterfeiters tried to kidnap the body of Abraham Lincoln--and almost got away with it ("Stealing Lincoln's Body"). Tom lives in Bethel, Connecticut.