The Ultra Violets, Book 1

The Ultra Violets, Book 1 Cover

The Ultra Violets, Book 1

The Fuchsia Is Now

By Sophie Bell; Chris Battle (Illustrator)

Razorbill, Hardcover, 9781595146038, 327pp.

Publication Date: March 5, 2013

Asmart superhero book for girls with plenty of glitter--perfect for fans of "The Powerpuff Girls. "
It all started with the mysterious purple goo . . .
What happens when four best friends find themselves splattered with a bubbling, genetically altering substance during a seemingly innocent sleepover in a secret, see-through, high-tech, futuristic lab? They develop superpowers, that's what Iris, Cheri, Scarlet, and Opaline are destined to become . . .
IRIS: Visionary, artist, leader the glitter glue that holds the group together

CHERI: A girly girl on platform rollerskates who's never met a rescue puppy or a nail polish she didn t immediately-and-madly love.

SCARLET: Short enough that you won t see her sneaking up behind you. Freckled enough that you might mistake her for innocent. But look out

OPALINE: Loveable, huggable, supershy, sweet as pie . . . "or is she"?

About the Author
If Sophie Bell could have just one superpower, it would be to control the frizzies come rain, snow, tornado, or monsoon. Either that or invisible-flying. Like the Ultra Violets, she once had purple hair, and it came at a terrible cost about fifteen dollars per extension. She lives with many inappropriate shoes in Brooklyn, New York."

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