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Who's Afraid of Frances Fox Piven?

Who's Afraid of Frances Fox Piven? Cover

Who's Afraid of Frances Fox Piven?

The Essential Writings of the Professor Glenn Beck Loves to Hate

By Frances Fox Piven

New Press, Paperback, 9781595587190, 290pp.

Publication Date: August 9, 2011

The sociologist and political scientist Frances Fox Piven and her late husband Richard Cloward have been famously credited by Glenn Beck with devising the Cloward/Piven Strategy, a world view responsible, according to Beck, for everything from creating a culture of poverty and fomenting violent revolution to causing global warming and the recent financial crisis. Called an enemy of the people, over the past year Piven has been subjected to an unprecedented campaign of hatred and disinformation, spearheaded by Beck.
How is it that a distinguished university professor, past president of the American Sociological Association, and recipient of numerous awards and accolades for her work on behalf of the poor and for American voting rights, has attracted so much negative attention? For anyone who is skeptical of the World According to Beck, here is a guide to the ideas that Glenn fears most.
Who's Afraid of Frances Fox Piven? is a concise, accessible introduction to Piven's actual thinking (versus Beck's outrageous claims), from her early work on welfare rights and poor people's movements, written with her late husband Richard Cloward, through her influential examination of American voting habits, and her most recent work on the possibilities for a new movement for progressive reform. A major corrective to right-wing bombast, this essential book is also a rich source of ideas and inspiration for anyone interested in progressive change.

About the Author
Frances Fox Piven is Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Sociology at The Graduate Center, CUNY, and the author of the bestselling Poor People s Movements, Regulating the Poor, and Why Americans Don t Vote (with the late Richard A. Cloward), as well as The War At Home, Keeping Down the Black Vote, and many other books. She lives in New York City."

Praise For Who's Afraid of Frances Fox Piven?

Piven, throughout her career as an activist and academic, has embodied the best of American democracy.
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