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Brain Boy Archives Cover

Brain Boy Archives

By Herb Castle; Frank Springer; Gil Kane

Dark Horse Comics, Hardcover, 9781595828163, 224pp.

Publication Date: December 27, 2011

A freak accident with an electrical tower affected Matt Price''s brain while he was still in the womb. Ever since then, he''s had mysterious mental powers, such as telepathy, the ability to levitate, and mind control! Naturally, the government recruited him straight out of high school, and now he battles mad dictators and thawed-out dinosaurs as Brain Boy!

About the Author

Frank Springer was one of the primary illustrators working on Marvel's G.I. Joe line. He also illustrated another meg-popular 80's comic based upon a toy line - Transformers.

Gil Kane (ESSENTIAL MARVEL TEAM-UP and MARVEL VISIONARIES: GIL KANE) drew almost every major character in comics throughout his illustrious career. He is best-known for his work on DC's Green Lantern.