The Book of Dave

The Book of Dave Cover

The Book of Dave

A Revelation of the Recent Past and the Distant Future

By Will Self

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, Paperback, 9781596913844, 495pp.

Publication Date: October 30, 2007


When East End cabdriver Dave Rudman's wife takes from him his only son, Dave pens a gripping text a compilation about everything from the environment, Arabs, and American tourists to sex, Prozac, and cabby lore that captures all of his frustrations and anxieties about his contemporary world. Dave buries the book in his ex-wife's Hampstead backyard, intending it for his son, Carl, when he comes of age.

Five hundred years later, Dave's book is found by the inhabitants of Ham, a primitive archipelago in post-apocalyptic London, where it becomes a sacred text of biblical proportions and the template for a new civilization. Only one islander, Symum, remains incredulous. But, after he is imprisoned for heresy, his son Carl must journey through the Forbidden Zone and into the terrifying heart of New London to find the only thing that will reveal the truth once and for all: a second Book of Dave that repudiates the first.

"The Book of Dave" is a profound meditation upon the nature of religion and a caustic satire of contemporary life.

About the Author
Will Self is also the author of The Quantity Theory of Insanity, My Idea of Fun, Cock & Bull, Grey Area, The Sweet Smell of Psychosis, Tough, Tough Toys for Tough, Tough Boys, and Great Apes. He lives in London.