Under the Harrow

Under the Harrow

By Mark Dunn

MacAdam/Cage Publishing, Paperback, 9781596923775, 554pp.

Publication Date: March 1, 2012

Armed with only an old encyclopedia, a Bible, and the

complete works of Charles Dickens, the good citizens of

Dingley Dell built an idyllic society based on a Victorian

past. Beyond the Dell is the Outland, and beyond that,

no one knows. Most residents live peacefully in their

splendid isolation, content with being orphans in a

forgotten world. For some, however, the Dell is too

small and their curiosity about the Outland is too great.

Those who leave are never heard from again.

Until, that is, eleven-year-old troublemaker Newman

Trimmers escapes from the valley to unmask the

world beyond, setting off a series of events that may

doom or save the entire Dinglian population. With

unmatched literary wit and imaginative storytelling,

Mark Dunn delivers the first contemporary Dickensian

thriller and one of the most innovative books in years.