Time to Get Tough

Time to Get Tough Cover

Time to Get Tough

Making America #1 Again

By Donald J. Trump

Regnery Publishing, Hardcover, 9781596987739, 216pp.

Publication Date: December 5, 2011

A "New York Times" bestseller
2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump has a plan to make America great again.
President Obama has been a disaster for this country. He's wrecked our economy, saddled our children with debt, and gone around the world "apologizing" for Americaas if the greatest nation in the world needed to apologize for being the land of opportunity and freedom that we were before Obama became president.
Now, America looks like a broken countrystripped of jobs, stripped of wealth, stripped of respect. And what does President Obama do about it? He plays nice with the very same foreign governments who are eager to watch America burn.
This can t go on. And if Donald J. Trump has anything to say about it, it won t.
In his blockbuster book, "Time to Get Tough," Trump has the answers America has been looking for, including:
How to finally secure our border and fix our immigration overflow
How to create American jobs by forcing Communist China into truly fair trade
How to retire our debt without endangering long-established programslike Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaidthat millions of Americans depend on
How to undo the fraud of Obamanomics and the disaster of Obamacare
Blunt, straightforward, and honest, it's all trademark Trump, setting out a common sense agenda to restore American prosperity and make our nation respected once again.

About the Author
Donald J. Trump is a graduate of the Wharton School of Finance and the developer of some of the most prestigious addresses worldwide, including Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, Trump Park Avenue, Trump World Tower, 40 Wall Street, The Grand Hyatt Hotel, the historic Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, the Palm Trump International Hotel and Tower in Dubai, and numerous award-winning golf courses. His Real Estate and Wealth Expos with The Learning Annex have helped over one million people to think BIG. As the Emmy-nominated star and coproducer of the hit television show The Apprentice and the author of seven bestsellers, he is truly a media giant. This is the first book where Donald reveals his Think BIG attitude.