Pandora Gets Vain

Pandora Gets Vain Cover

Pandora Gets Vain

By Carolyn Hennesy

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, Hardcover, 9781599901978, 273pp.

Publication Date: August 19, 2008


The craziest field trip ever continues as Pandora and her BFFs, Alcie and Iole, are on the hunt for the next evil, vanity, which is hiding in Egypt. But, as usual, the goddess Hera is so not helping and throws as many obstacles as she can in their way. It’s totally distracting (not to mention life-threatening!), and they keep getting pulled off course.  Fortunately the other gods and goddesses aren’t nearly as nasty as Hera, and they secretly help out the gang whenever they can. Pandy and her friends (including a new, totally adorable boy-slash-bodyguard) see it all, from a wild thunderstorm at sea and a group of talking dolphins to an . . . um . . . eye-thingy monster that’s just really, really scary. It sounds crazy, but don’t worry: Pandy can handle it . . . right?