Tall Skinny Cappuccino

Tall Skinny Cappuccino

By Kimberly Huff

Mapletree Publishing Company, Paperback, 9781600651045, 352pp.

Publication Date: September 2008

Emma Mosley is a dreamer who seems to be wishing on someone else's star. You'd think that meeting the love of your life would make you wonderfully happy. The problem is that he belongs to someone else-her boss Then Emma is forced into working for a nasty politician, and we wonder if she can keep it together. With a few more surprises, including a love triangle and a shocking political scandal, Emma's world falls apart, and she learns that sometimes you just have to swallow your pride and admit that you need someone.

About the Author
The Girl received a BA and MA in Theatre Arts and somewhere in between accomplished a Paralegal certificate. She dabbled in comedy at one point, and found she truly preferred writing. With the help of her Jack Russell, the Girl as she is known to her dogs, developed a sense of intuitiveness that included honing her instincts. After moving to and from an island, the Girl and her dogs needed to start over yet again. She appreciates milk chocolate, baseball, silent movies, antique cars, chivalry, and common decency.