Happy Cat, Happy You

Happy Cat, Happy You Cover

Happy Cat, Happy You

Quick Tips for Building a Bond with Your Feline Friend

By Arden Moore

Storey Publishing, Paperback, 9781603420334, 295pp.

Publication Date: August 1, 2008

With over 90 million pet cats in this country, it's clear: America cherishes its feline companions. Yet cat owners don't always have the time, or the know-how, to develop harmonious bonds with their furry friends. Many owners find themselves confounded by common feline behaviors, like scratching, biting, stalking, and pouncing. Meanwhile, the average household is filled with objects that could be dangerous for Kitty clothes dryers, dental floss, even a leftover chocolate chip cookie What's a time-pressed cat lover to do?
Arden Moore is here to help. In "Happy Cat, Happy You," Moore, a bestselling author of 17 pet books and national spokesperson on pet issues, covers it all bath time, mealtime, quiet time, and play time. All tips are simple and quick to implement; collectively, they add up to a lot of TLC The book features a compact, inviting format and is filled with quotes, quick insights, and colorful call-out boxes. "Happy Cat, Happy You" is a creative, low-fuss approach to caring for America's most popular pet and a must-have for the busy owner.