The Cleaner Plate Club

The Cleaner Plate Club Cover

The Cleaner Plate Club

By Beth Bader; Ali Benjamin

Storey Publishing, Paperback, 9781603425858, 305pp.

Publication Date: January 15, 2011

Childhood obesity. Diabetes. Developmental delays and disorders. Today's parents know that what their kids eat is key to their health. Their kids are bombarded with a relentless parade of ads for junk food, fast food, and empty calorie treats. How can parents get their kids to eat meals that don t come out of a box? "The Cleaner Plate Club" comes to the rescue. Mommy-bloggers Beth Bader and Alison Benjamin offer simple solutions, recipes, meal suggestions, and tips to help parents get kids to eat non-processed food that's been grown locally or organically and guess what? enjoy it. They recognize that cooking real food isn t difficult, but it does require some know-how, which they supply with humor and compassion. Beth and Alison show readers how to prepare foods found at the farmers market (and how to substitute, say, asparagus for string beans if need be), plan ahead and estimate prep time, and get used to cooking food that doesn t come with printed directions. Their fresh advice will help parents eliminate food waste, plan for leftovers, present foods that are appealing to kids, and quit fighting with their children finally about food.
"The Cleaner Plate Club" offers kid-tested recipes for every meal, basic vegetable preparations for farmers market finds, and more healthful recipes for sweets and snacks. Readers will also find shopping strategies, the reasons kids like the foods they do, and vegetable profiles (including nutrition information and tips on selection, storage, and preparation). Expert advice and innovative ideas about feeding kids make this book a must-have for any parent. Fresh, funny, and nonjudgmental, "The Cleaner Plate Club" is a recipe for healthier kids and happier parents.

About the Author
Beth Bader has been a photojournalist, writer, and shark wrangler. As much activist as cook, she is, most of all, a mom determined to make the world a better place for her child, one meal at a time. She is a food blogger and contributes to and, and

Ali Benjamin's work has appeared in print, online, and on television. She lives with her family in rural Massachusetts.