Queens Consort

Queens Consort Cover

Queens Consort

England's Medieval Queens

By Lisa Hilton

Pegasus Books, Paperback, 9781605981055, 482pp.

Publication Date: August 3, 2010

England's medieval queens were elemental in shaping the history of the nation. In an age where all politics were family politics, dynastic marriages placed English queens at the very center of power the king's bed. From Matilda of Flanders, William the Conqueror's queen, to Elizabeth of York, the first Tudor consort, England's queens fashioned the nature of monarchy and influenced the direction of the state. Occupying a unique position in the mercurial, often violent world of medieval politics, these queens had to negotiate a role that combined tremendous influence with terrifying vulnerability. Lisa Hilton's illuminating new book explores the lives of the twenty women who were crowned queen between 1066 and 1503. War, adultery, witchcraft, child abuse, murder and occasionally even love formed English queenship, but so too did patronage, learning, and fashion. Lovers of history will enjoy a dramatic narrative that presents an exceptional group of women whose personal ambitions, triumphs, and failures helped to give birth to the modern state.

About the Author
LISA HILTON is the acclaimed author of The Real Queen of France: Athenais and Louis XIV, Mistress Peachum's Pleasure, Queens Consort: England's Medieval Queens, and The Horror of Love. She is the author of three novels, the best-selling Wolves in Winter;The House with Blue Shutters, which was short-listed in the UK for the Commonwealth Writers' Prize, and The Stolen Queen. She was educated at Oxford University and lives in central London.