Life... the Reader's Digest Version

Life... the Reader's Digest Version Cover

Life... the Reader's Digest Version

Great Advice, Simply Put

By Peggy Northrup (Editor)

Reader's Digest Association, Hardcover, 9781606523445, 173pp.

Publication Date: August 18, 2011

Life... is what you make it
Getting the most out of life can be so much easier if you know the coordinates. Whether you want to take the scenic route, make a quick detour, or find the simplest shortcut, there can be no substitute for a good roadmap. Part instruction manual, part GPS, part beloved confidante, "Life...The Reader's Digest Version" brims with smart ideas to help you navigate those tricky roads you travel each day. Covering key topics, this handy little guide includes advice that spans from surprising tips for dealing with a crisis to surefire suggestions for remembering names. Inside, you'll discover how to: Talk your way out of a traffic ticket Score the best seats Make a great first impression Tie a necktie in 7 easy steps Be the life of the party ...and there's more. Each of the short-but-sweet topics delivers a shot of instant advice, distilled as only Reader's Digest can-a little life lesson that really works.