Candor Cover


By Pam Bachorz

Egmontusa, Paperback, 9781606841358, 268pp.

Publication Date: December 14, 2010

The picture-perfect new town of Candor, Florida, is attracting more and more new families, drawn by its postcard-like small-town feel, with white picket fences, spanking-new but old-fashioned-looking homes, and neighborliness.
But the parents are drawn by something else as well. They know that in Candor their obstreperous teenagers will somehow become rewired - they'll learn to respect their elders, to do their chores, and enjoy their homework. They'll give up the tattoos, metal music, and partying that have been driving their parents crazy. They'll become every parent's dream.

About the Author
Pam Bachorz came up with the idea of writing "Candor" while living in Celebration, Florida, the perfect new town built by the Walt Disney Company. Something about its perfection made her uneasy and prompted her thought, "What if...?" which led to her subversive teen take on the traditional sci-fi trope. You can visit her online at Visit the community of Candor, Florida online at