Invasion of the Dognappers

Invasion of the Dognappers Cover

Invasion of the Dognappers

By Patrick Jennings

Egmontusa, Hardcover, 9781606842874, 197pp.

Publication Date: April 24, 2012

"When dogs go missing, one boy will find out why. "
"And the answer is out of this world."
Nothing gets past Logan. When he observes that the neighborhood's dogs are mysteriously vanishing, he suspects nothing less than a full-scale alien dognapping invasion. The adults don t believe him, of course, so he enlists his friends to investigate and soon they make a shocking discovery.
Now man's best friend needs help. Fast. Suddenly, Logan and his team are on a mission unlike anything known to man.
A hilarious, heartwarming tale of hound-saving heroics, "Invasion of the Dognappers" will be gobbled up by middle-grade readers.
Ages 8-12.

About the Author
Patrick Jennings grew up in a small town in Indiana, where there were no wild, lethally venomous snakes. His family then moved to rural Arizona, where lived many, including seventeen varieties of rattlesnake. Patrick got seriously freaked out. He now lives on the Olympic Peninsula, where there are scarcely any wild, lethally venomous snakes. We Can't All Be Rattlesnakes is his fourteenth book for young readers.