Castle Waiting

Castle Waiting Cover

Castle Waiting

By Kim Thompson (Editor)

Fantagraphics Books, Hardcover, 9781606994054, 375pp.

Publication Date: December 1, 2010

With its long-awaited second volume, Linda Medley s witty and sublimely drawn fantasy eases into a relaxed comedy of manners as Lady Jain settles into her new life in Castle Waiting. Unexpected visitors result in the discovery and exploration of a secret passageway, not to mention an epic bowling tournament. A quest for ladies underpants, the identity of Pindar s father, the education of Simon, Rackham and Chess arguing about the manly arts, and an escape-prone goat are just a few of the elements in this delightful new volume. The book also includes many flashbacks that deepen the stories behind the characters, including Jain s earliest romantic entanglements and conflicts with her bratty older sisters, the horrific past of the enigmatic Dr. Fell, and more.