By Gahan Wilson; Gary Roth (Afterword by)

Fantagraphics Books, Hardcover, 9781606994542, 143pp.

Publication Date: October 2011

In this thematically and narratively linked series of one-page stories originally published in theNational Lampoon's Funny Pages section throughout the 1970s, the master of the macabre eschewed his usual ghouls, vampires, and end-of-the-world scenarios for a wry, pointed look at growing up normal in the real, yet endlessly weird world. This is essentially a lost Gahan Wilson graphic novel from the 1970s and '80s. Watch as our stoic, hunting-cap-wearing protagonist (known only as The Kid ) copes with illness, disappointment, strange old relatives, the disappointment of Christmas, life-threatening escapades, death, school, the awfulness of camp, and much more all delineated in Wilson's roly-poly, sensual, delicately hatched line If you don t remember what it was like being a child, this book will bring it all back for good or for ill This new hardcover edition reprints every single Nuts story from theLampoon (rescuing over two dozen pages from oblivion), with a critical essay about the strip by Fantagraphics Publisher Gary Groth.

About the Author
In his ninth decade as a human being and his sixth as a master cartoonist, Gahan Wilson (born dead in 1930) continues to produce cartoons for a variety of magazines including Playboy and The New Yorker.