The Armed Garden and Other Stories

The Armed Garden and Other Stories Cover

The Armed Garden and Other Stories

By David B

Fantagraphics Books, Hardcover, 9781606994627, 112pp.

Publication Date: September 12, 2011

The Veiled Prophet: During the 8th century (the time of Harun al-Rashid, the Caliph of 1001 Nights fame), Hakim al-Muqanna, the lowly Persian fabric dyer, is assaulted and enveloped by a piece of white cloth come from the sky. When a bystander recognizes in the folds of the cloth the visage of Abu-Muslim, defender of the oppressed, al-Muqanna becomes a prophet and great leader and within a year his followers have defeated seven armies sent to stop him The Armed Garden, set in the 15th century, tells the story of the bloody quest for a Paradise on Earth. Rohan, a humble Prague blacksmith, is visited by Adam and Even who urge him lead his followers, soon dubbed Adamites, on this mission. They soon must contend, bloodily, with the rival Paradise-seekers the Taborites, led by John Zizka The Drum Who Fell in Love, a sequel of sorts, begins with Zizka's death: His people have him skinned and his skin stripped onto a drum, and the drum, speaking in Zizka's voice, leads the Taborites into battle anew. But the touch of a beautiful girl softens Zizka's spirit, and the unlikely couple begin a journey together