7 Miles a Second

7 Miles a Second Cover

7 Miles a Second

By David Wojnarowicz; James Romberger (Illustrator); Marguerite Van Cook (Inked or Colored by)

Fantagraphics Books, Hardcover, 9781606996140, 67pp.

Publication Date: February 6, 2013

7 Miles a Second is the story of legendary artist David Wojnarowicz, written during the last years before his AIDS-related death in 1992, and drawn by James Romberger with colors by Marguerite Van Cook. The graphic novel depicts Wojnarowicz's childhood of prostitution and drugs on the streets of Manhattan, through his adulthood living with AIDS, and his anger at the indifference of government and health agencies. Originally published as a comic book in 1996 by DC's Vertigo Comics, an imprint best-known for horror and fantasy material such as TheSandman, 7 Miles a Second was an instant critical success, but struggled to find an audience amongst the typical Vertigo readership. It has become a cult classic amongst fans of literary and art comics, just as Wojnarowicz's influence and reputation have widened in the larger art world. Romberger and Van Cook's visuals give stunning life to Wojnarowicz's words, blending the gritty naturalism of Lower East Side street life with a hallucinatory, psychedelic imagination that takes perfect advantage of the comics medium. This new edition finally presents the artwork as it was intended: oversized, and with Van Cook's elegant watercolors restored. It also includes several new pages created for this edition.

About the Author
David Wojnarowicz was born in Red Bank, New Jersey, in 1954, and first gained notice in New York's East Village art scene in the 1970s. He rose to fame for his exceptional range, intelligence, and passion, and by the 1980s had become one of the most provocative artists of his generation. In the years before his death in 1992 from AIDS-related complications, he worked tirelessly as an AIDS activist and anticensorship advocate. In 1985, Wojnarowicz brought his fight for freedom of expression to the case of David Wojnarowicz v. American Family Association, in which Donald E. Wildmon claimed that Wojnarowicz's work was pornographic and undermined family values. Wojnarowicz won and was awarded a symbolic dollar. He was thrust back into the spotlight in 2010, at the center of a censorship battle over the National Portrait Gallery's exhibition "Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture". In 2012, Cynthia Carr published the critically acclaimed biography "Fire in the Belly: The Life and Times of David Wojnarowicz".

James Romberger is a fine artist and cartoonist who lives in New York City with his son, Crosby, and his wife, Marguerite Van Cook.

Marguerite Van Cook was born in England and has several degrees. She's been a punk performer, ran the Ground Zero Gallery, directed a film and has written and colored comics for DC. She lives in New York City with her son, Crosby, and her husband and collaborator, James Romberger.