I Hadn't Understood

I Hadn't Understood

By Diego De Silva; Anthony Shugaar (Translator)

Europa Editions, Paperback, 9781609450656, 356pp.

Publication Date: February 28, 2012

Malinconico is a Neapolitan lawyer without a single case. He goes through the motions every day, leaving for the office punctually, shuffling papers when he gets to the studio he shares with a group of un-gainfully employed professionals like him. His personal life is a shambles: his wife has left him, his two teenage children are rife with adolescent angst and busy screwing their lives up royally. And his professional life, as noted, is nonexistent.
But one day a miracle occurs. Indeed, two The first is that he is assigned a case. And not any old case He has been named the defense attorney for a member of the Neapolitan underground, Mimmo the Burzone. The second miracle bears the name Alessandra Persiana-the most beautiful woman to ever grace the Neapolitan courthouses -who, it appears, has fallen in love with Malinconico.
However, the real miracle for readers in this rollicking novel is the hilarious and eccentric voice of Vincenzio Malinconico. The novel orbits around the bizarre and irresistible mind of Malinconico, a mind that pauses to contemplate every aspect of the life he sees before him, the life he has lived, his memories and his future; a voice that seduces, entertains, and moves the reader from the first page to the last.

About the Author
Diego De Silva is the author of two acclaimed novels: Certi Bambini and Voglio Guardare ("I Want to Watch"). This is his first novel to be published in English.