The Neighbors

The Neighbors Cover

The Neighbors

By Ania Ahlborn

Thomas & Mercer, Paperback, 9781612184456, 223pp.

Publication Date: November 27, 2012

Welcome to Magnolia Lane. It's not exactly a little slice of heaven, but in the backwater town of Creekside, Kansas, it's the best a jobless supermarket clerk like Andrew Morrison can do. After sacrificing a normal childhood, a decent education, and true love to look after his alcoholic mother, he's finally breaking free and living his own life but in the squalid house he's sharing with a former childhood friend, the living isn t exactly easy. Plus, there's something about the chipper, all-American couple next door that's just downright creepy. However, that doesn t keep Drew from accepting a job as their handyman or surrendering to the wiles of perfect housewife Harlow Ward, a woman who always gets what she wants. Drew, like a string of hapless young men before him, doesn t realize he's dancing with a devil one dressed to the nines in high heels and pearls.

About the Author
Ania Ahlborn is the bestselling author of the horror thrillers "Within These Walls", "The Bird Eater", "The Shuddering", "The Neighbors", and "Seed", which has been optioned for film. Born in Ciechanow, Poland, she lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband and their dog. Visit or follow the author on Facebook and Twitter.