By Beth Orsoff

Lake Union Publishing, Paperback, 9781612184883, 304pp.

Publication Date: September 18, 2012

Two years after a messy breakup and move to Los Angeles, entertainment accountant Allie Zenet has finally found happiness with her handsome fiance, Brad, an ambitious studio exec. Brad offers stability, companionship, great sex and a domineering mother hell-bent on planning the couple's wedding. While her friends are busy with their own chaotic love lives, Allie works through her pre-wedding jitters with good-looking acquaintance Jax Montgomery. And soon warm feelings give way to cold feet as Allie questions whether having that gorgeous, sparkling diamond on her finger is worth spending her future with Brad and his mother. Disengaged is all about getting to I do by saying I won t.

About the Author
A native of New York City, Beth Orsoff has long sought to return to her primordial roots by refusing to live more than an hour's drive from the ocean. She spent her formative years working as a lifeguard, thrilled to be paid to work on her tan, until her parents forced her to get a ?real? job. And so she headed to law school ? conveniently near the beaches of southern California ? and launched a career as an entertainment attorney. Today she lives in Los Angeles, dividing her time and energy between writing fiction and drafting Hollywood contracts.