Fairy Tail, Volume 36

Fairy Tail, Volume 36 Cover

Fairy Tail, Volume 36

By Hiro Mashima

Kodansha Comics, Paperback, 9781612624327, 208pp.

Publication Date: March 25, 2014

Natsu has shut out Rogue and Sting, and Fairy Tail catapults to the top of the rankings But victory brings with it shocking revelations about the origins of Acnologia, the black dragon that nearly destroyed Fairy Tail seven years ago. Meanwhile, the Eclipse Plan nears completion, and the dark side of the Games threatens to spill into daylight...

About the Author
Hiro Mashima was born May 3, 1977, in Japan's Nagano prefecture. His series Rave Master has made him one of the most popular manga artists in America. Fairy Tail, currently being serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine, is his latest creation.