The Murder of Cleopatra

The Murder of Cleopatra Cover

The Murder of Cleopatra

History's Greatest Cold Case

By Pat Brown

Prometheus Books, Paperback, 9781616146504, 263pp.

Publication Date: February 19, 2013

A world-renowned criminal profiler takes a fascinating look at one of the most tragic mysteries in history.
For more than two thousand years, the great pharaoh Cleopatra VII has been portrayed as a failed monarch. Various ancient sources state that she desperately ended her life with the bite of an asp, as her nemesis - the Roman general Octavian, later known as Augustus, the first Roman emperor - stormed Alexandria. Now, a completely unique interpretation of history is brought to light by world-renowned criminal profiler Pat Brown in her new myth-busting book, "The Murder of Cleopatra."
As host and profiler of "The Mysterious Death of Cleopatra" (Discovery 2005), Brown challenged the long-enduring myth that Cleopatra died via snakebite and that she committed suicide to avoid further humiliation. Using the techniques and methodology of investigative criminal profiling and crime reconstruction, "The Murder of Cleopatra" takes up where the Discovery Channel documentary left off. Brown's findings, borne of scientific method, rigorous inquiry, and deductive reasoning, will be revealed against a historical backdrop of mystery, drama, politics, danger, and romantic intrigue.
The result: a thought-provoking analysis of the amazing woman Cleopatra truly was, a fascinating account of the queen's final desperate attempt to escape Egypt with her ships and treasure, and the brutal homicide that ended her life as the last Egyptian pharaoh.

About the Author
Pat Brown (Washington, DC) is the chief executive officer of the Sexual Homicide Exchange (SHE), a nonprofit criminal-profiling and investigative organization offering pro bono services to families and law enforcement to solve cold homicide cases throughout the United States and Canada (; the president/consultant of the Pat Brown Criminal Profiling Agency, which provides crime-scene analysis and behavioral profiling to prosecutors, defense attorneys, and international clients (; and a well-known television crime commentator who has been a regular guest on "Nancy Grace," "Jane Velez-Mitchell," "Dr. Drew," the "Today "Show, the "CBS Early Show," "Larry King Live," "The Joy Behar Show," and "Inside Edition." She is the author of "How to Save Your Daughter's Life"; "The Profiler: My Life Hunting Serial Killers and Psychopaths"; and "Killing for Sport: Inside the Minds of Serial Killers."